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New buildings Project manager / AMOA

09 Jun 2015


The project consists of constructing 4 temporary buildings (metal and textile structures with a total of 8000 m²) for the 4 years of transition in the ramp-up of deliveries of an aeroplane industrialisation programme.



Our mission takes place in coordination with the Facility Management department of the customer.

The project planning has no margin and is on the critical path of the difficult ramp-up of the Long Range programmes.

The construction of the building is on a site that is busy and in joint operation with workstations concerning another device, and requires the construction of two aircraft storage areas and the adaptation of energy and fluids.



Validation of the functional program

Definition of the players / project team

Analysis of hypotheses / risks

Feasibility studies for arbitration

Mounting the projected planning and follow-up

Steering MOE / AMO / TCE Enterprises

Cross-communication and reporting

Weekly Team Update meetings

Selection of companies and technical negotiations



Unexpressed customer needs

Macro Budget

Macro Planning for EIS Production, offices and stocking



Control of deadlines and respect for milestones

Consolidation and management of the allocated budget

Guarantee of an optimum quality validated by the customer

Vertical and horizontal communication about the operations


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