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New AMO projects / rehabilitation

16 Jun 2015


The ramp-up of the deliverable aircraft demand and the creation of new production lines. For the plant, the installation of these new lines involves developments in civil engineering, energies and optimisation of the production space (moving machinery and premises, creation of office platforms, …)



To meet this strategic need for its development, the customer, through its Facility Management service, asked for our project management skills and technical expertise in AMOA. The objective of the mission is to take over the conducting of projects, the expression of the need to deliver and to make sure of respect for budgets, quality and delivery deadlines of these construction sites.



Collection of the functional needs of the customer

Establishment of tender documents (DCE)

Consultation, analysis of offers and synthesis

Steering the management of the project and the suppliers

Planning of works

Monitoring of the construction site and reporting

Administrative and financial monitoring of projects

Acceptance and commissioning

Optimisation of Quality / Costs / Deadlines

Challenge of technical solutions



Customer needs

Plant manager plan

Civil engineering and DOE plans



Project management


Organisation of meetings and writing of reports


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