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Extension of a steelworks in India

04 Aug 2015


Start-up of 2 process lines:

Line of chemical etching (pickling) coupled to a cold rolling mill

Line of galvanising with heat


Coordination between the building site of, the local Project Office and the Project Offices



Support of local procurement:

Securing the completeness of the procurement plan with respect to the definition of the contract

Monitoring of orders and deliveries

Facilitation of the progress reviews

Creation and update of the lists of equipment

Technical monitoring of some work packages (HVAC and smoke management systems):

Detailed engineering (functional analysis, plans, …)

Validation of specifications and plans with the final customer

Sourcing suppliers

Validation of integration in the surrounding systems (electrical power, control / command, …)

Project coordination:

” Project ” interface between the mechanical, fluid and electrical research departments

Project interface between the local research department (India) and the European research departments (France, Germany, Austria)

Construction site support (management of nonconformities, engineering support, …)



Weekly reporting (KPI’s, Planning, Supplier performance, etc..)


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