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Parce que la réussite passe aussi par l'esprit d'entreprise ! 



More than a specialized offer, we propose “bespoke" services.

Emisys implements a comprehensive solution that builds on its various offers and expertises. We thus offer a service that is perfectly adapted to the needs of our customers on all aspects of the project. We discuss, for example, both the human and organisational aspects of project management through a solution where advice, coaching and operational support will be combined.


Here are the different modes of intervention that offers a comprehensive solution for Emisys

Operational support

A field approach for targeted needs: flexibility and expertise emisys

  • One or more consultants work alongside our customers during the project period
  • The project is done on customer preference site
  • A steering by load and advancement for maximum flexibility and responsiveness
  • A commitment means

Our commitments: a means of engagement along the support and expertise of the Emisys back office.

Plus: a maximum responsiveness and efficiency with a high level of service.

The package

A ready-made solution

We work initially in close cooperation with the customer to refine the precise specifications. We then set up a dedicated solution with specific steering to perfectly meet expectations. Clear and contractual commitments are made to guarantee the quality of performance and deliverables.

  • Establishment of a fully independent team under the direction of a project manager
  • Team composed of operational experts and consultants directly linked with our back office
  • Definition of project management for systematic project quality for complete transparency of our organisation

Commitment: a commitment to results and deliverables for a fully controlled project.

The most: all the expertise of emisys in the service of a turnkey project.

Project platforms

Establishment of dedicated platforms : expertise and team with variable geometry

  • Our teams operate under the direction of an Emisys project manager responsible for the platform
  • The platform is designed to operate as part of a defined activity with clear objectives
  • The coordination of the platform will enable the emergence of productivity gains
  • A continuous improvement approach is included in our processes with regular improvement proposals
  • The implementation of the project is made on-site at the customer and/or internally
  • The size of the team is flexible according to the load
  • Steering by units of work defined upstream via indicators and deliverables



Commitment: a full embrace with well defined work units, and framed by the deliverables

Plus: Coordinated Deliverables – as defined across the work units, with variability in the team size based on needs


Our expertise in the service of our customers

We act on issues where the stakes are high. We contribute our expertise through providing support with very high added value in a timely manner and on a recurrent basis. We operate with a methodology that will broadly follow this path:

  • audit / diagnosis
  • assembling the solution
  • performance of the service
  • periodic support

Commitment: we contribute our expertise with a clear objective and with a commitment to the result.

Coaching & Training

Supporting and training the teams

We offer support and training specific for the people and the teams on different themes:

  • Steering of projects
  • Quality
  • Management
  • Communication
  • Organisation
  • Individual coaching
  • Interventions

These training courses are immediately available or custom built to meet your most complex issues.

Commitment: commitment to results, mobilisation of our experts and our back office.

The most: we thus offer follow up that is personalised and adapted over time.