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Parce que la réussite passe aussi par l'esprit d'entreprise ! 


back office

Areas of expertise and training

Our back office is a centre of expertise, support and training. It enables us to take action at once on many internal and customer projects, and on the establishment of unique training programmes.

The real R&D division of Emisys, this structure is both the capitalisation of knowledge and a true laboratory designed to develop our offers and training.

Our back office acts as a true center of expertise and training. Examples of realization:

  • voirEmisys methodology
  • voirProgram of training in project management
  • voirNuclear training

Emisys methodology

Totem© visual management by Emisys

The project manager activates his team by means of meetings at short intervals about a mobile , visual and unifying support: the totem.

This simple and efficient methodology enables us to increase productivityefficiency and visibility and especially to improve the following activities:

  • Managing
  • Organising
  • Planning
  • Uniting
  • Communicating

Result: this methodology has proven itself and is now used by some of our customers and partners!


Program of training in project management

Setting up an individual training program

The identified consultants are individually monitored, trained, supported and coached in project management. Beyond the fundamentals of management, this programme will particularly approach the human factor, life skills and management issues of people and teams. In practice:

  • Testing and evaluation of the starting level
  • Setting up a specific training course
  • Coaching and monitoring for an optimum increase in skills
  • Networking with concrete issues
  • Possible PMP certification

Result: a programme blending technology, management and communication

Nuclear training

Development of operational training on nuclear standards:

This training for our customers and consultants is aimed at the project managers who are going to be required to act in the nuclear sector:

  • Introduction to the nuclear context
  • Specific project methodology
  • Management of requirements
  • Understanding the main standards
  • Support of our experts

Result: field and operational training, which is part of the basis for our nuclear projects.