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Change management

Accompanying People and teams, agility organizations and performance steering

Companies are faced with constant changes, whether structural, organisational, technological or strategic. In such a context, human stakes are high and solutions are extremely complex to implement.

Emisys offers to support its customers on all issues related to change by working particularly on the agility of organisations, management of people and teams and coaching.

Our strength: an approach based on multi-sectoral field experience driven by senior consultants and certified coaches.

Our purpose: improvement of organisations and of individual and collective performances.

The human factor is for us one of the essential keys to the success of a project related to change. Our coaches and trainers support you in this delicate exercise.

  • voirDefinition of a strategy and a common objective
  • voirDrive and mobilise the teams
  • voirSupport the change
  • voirDeliver the change and sustain it

Definition of a strategy and a common objective

Analyse the situation and anticipate the resistance

  • Understand the corporate culture
  • Diagnosis and framing
  • Mobilisation of the teams and the management
  • Analysis of risks and study of impacts
  • Define a common objective
  • Formalise a strategy

Drive and mobilise the teams

Drive the change, mobilise the teams and catalyse the process of change

  • Set up the project steering system with the processes and tools
  • Give it visibility
  • Document it
  • Monitor indicators
  • Train and coach

Support the change

Key elements of project success

  • Communicate
  • Engage and involve
  • Manage the emotional aspects
  • Manage power issues
  • Support the people and the teams

Deliver the change and sustain it

Passage from the initial state to the situation envisaged

  • Change of roles and responsibilities
  • Work on behaviours in the long term
  • Take stock and make short and medium term projections
  • Set up indicators that are going to allow you to judge the performance of the change
  • Make sure of a follow up in time to minimise the risks of drift