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Parce que la réussite passe aussi par l'esprit d'entreprise ! 



Emisys supports its clients with a comprehensive and innovative offer.

We invite you to make a quick immersion within emisys with Nicolas, consulting project manager, who proposes to relive with you the first year spent at emisys.



1. My recruitment: efficient and pro

The process of recruitment was my first big surprise at Emisys, in fact 4 interviews with 4 different people, which was surprising, but on the other hand it is reassuring with the quality given to this essential step. My choice was largely influenced by the perception of missions but also and especially by the "friendliness" and human values that can be felt from the first contacts with the Emisys team.

2. My integration:
fast like a duck to water

Having ended the mandatory administrative steps including a half-day integration, here I am immersed in the middle of the action at the customer where I was very well received by the consultants already present, as well as by my sponsor, who I could finally meet after the time since they spoke to me about her!

The sponsor (a woman in my case) is a person already in position for some time at the customer and who makes life easier for you from the start,  beginning by establishing your confidence during a small guided tour and who also invites you to share all his Emisys network. For practical questions, the sponsor is always available to help you whatever the subject or issue is, and it is really a plus, especially when one is the new kid on the block.

Nothing like it for continuing one's integration than a lunch for the new people with the respective sponsors and all the HR team / administrative and business manager. All in a great restaurant so as not to spoil anything!



"I find this system of sponsorship really nice, as it enables you to know your colleagues better and to feel at ease quickly as a newcomer. With Nicolas, the feeling passed right away and I could support him at once on the administrative aspects and on his project, which had the good taste to take place at the same customer ! This small link has continued over the years, the links are strong :-)"

3. My first project:
a real challenge, a real team

For my first mission, I was in charge of the industrialisation of products outsourced for one of our major clients in the nuclear sector.

To prepare better for my start, I benefited from a good preparation and training: presentation of the project and its context, preparation and pre-sales, introduction to the customer and to the urgent character of the mission. You feel welcomed and invested in your mission from the beginning.

At the start of the project, I could rely on other emisys consultants; a real team that really supported me. Ready and waiting, I realised that everyone was standing up for the success of my project, which directly gave me confidence. I was able to see that this feeling of "friendliness" felt during the interviews was a reality.

Once the mission started, besides weekly reporting in the phase of growing competence, I get the chance to see Valérie, my manager (and head of the Grenoble agency), during a monthly monitoring of the project that will last for the duration of my mission. The monitoring of the project with the business manager and the customer is necessary to make a specific point about the mission and to have the possibility of adjusting the scope of the project along the way. This regular monitoring is all the more effective when it enables everyone to have consolidated information in real time.



“The mission produced by Nicolas was a real challenge. On the critical path, we were able to direct the project to keep to the objectives! I particularly appreciated the relationship with emisys, a lot of support and assistance and especially Nicolas's  performance which was fully invested in the project up to the final delivery. Bravo to all the emisys team!! “

4. The agency Evenings:
that good!

The agency evenings and seminars, it's the icing on the cake at emisys and for the moment I have no complaints about the organisation or the themes of these evenings, there is always a small presentation of the staff on the "health" of emisys and group activities, both those undertaken and still to come, and then comes the coolest part of the evening with really brilliant moments, especially when playing the game of boules, go karting, doing life-size role plays and much more ... not to be missed under any circumstances!!!

Personally speaking, I am a big fan of the karting but if I had to pick one for you, it would be our snowmobile ride in Chamrousse, and at night if you please!!

Arriving on the scene at about 18:30, you are equipped to be comfortable on the machine, a small technical / safety briefing and it's off for a trip of 1 hour to the heart of the mountain. Back unscathed and smiling from ear to ear, the raclette meal / stone grill was just perfect to end the evening and have a good time with colleagues.

5. Emisys network: 
sharing, it's important!

The network begins to be established, I find my marks and also invested myself in our areas of expertise or peer group. The principle is to gather a team of expert consultants in a domain to provide support and expertise and work on internal projects.

During this first year, I was able to work with others to establish specific training on quality in the nuclear sector. This project was very rich, both in terms of the contributions I could make and in terms of the confrontation of expertises and the vision of everyone. Next stage: become an internal trainer!

As you can see, we're not bored! Life is enjoyable in a company that moves and that allows you to invest yourself fully there; we are all actors of its development.


Consulting project manager

The support and monitoring of the project by Valérie, my manager who is none other than the director of the Grenoble agency, are scheduled approximately every month. The monitoring of the projects with the BM (business manager) / Customer couple is necessary to make a specific point about the mission and especially to adjust the aim if necessary for the future. This monitoring also has the advantage of being concise and putting everybody at the same level of information

6. Internal project:
there is plenty to do !

I had the chance to be able to participate in the project of ISO 9001 certification of EMISYS, which is an interesting and relevant subject. This proves once again that Emisys searches for excellence and has the means to achieve it, and ISO 14001, MASE and CEFRI are also in their sights.

More specifically, as an internal auditor, I was in charge of auditing the Lyons agency and I could see that the basic principles were addressed, applied and followed, with some deviations certainly, but nothing serious when you are seeking a first certification... Still bravo anyway !!!

To conclude, what struck me most during this audit has got nothing to do with ISO but rather with the values of Emisys, in fact even though I depend on the Grenoble agency, I felt very at ease in the Lyons agency, as in a familiar environment.

7. Career development:
a real follow-up

Considering HR, the follow-up and listening of the consultant seem very satisfactory to me with 1 annual interview planned on my anniversary of entering Emisys without fail (within 1 week) and a follow-up interview in mid-year.

Respect to training courses, 2 training courses in 2 and a half years, who could do better?

Career development side, my first project completed successfully this first year, I have the desire to move towards pure consulting missions. Emisys immediately trusted in me and there's me responsible for the change of organisation of all the industrialisation of an SME! This is huge, a real challenge and I can tell you that it is good to have your work valued liked this.


Director of Grenoble

“Nicolas, you cannot miss him: straight-talking, cheerful and sociable, he is also involved and is unwavering! Always looking for a challenge, in recent years Nicolas has become one of the pillars of emisys by providing his expertise, his good humour and his ideas. On the project side, he quickly evolved to take a key role in the running of the projects of industrialisation and quality. Consulting, pre-sales, training, certification... But he is not without flaws, especially that of having outdone us in the karting... Meeting at the next seminar ! “

8. Conclusion :
I'm having fun

This year Emisys is 5 years old, that is young but compared to its ambition and the work accomplished, it already has everything great ! I am proud to be part of this adventure and to be a real player !

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