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Parce que la réussite passe aussi par l'esprit d'entreprise ! 



Since 2010 Emisys accompany customers & consultants to success

Emisys is the story of a team whose objective is to build.

A passion and a collective adventure

Emisys was born from the entrepreneurial passion behind an ambitious project : to propose a high level offer in project management. Since its creation in 2010, thanks to a clear strategy we have experienced a remarkable and controlled development  with an average annual growth of 35%. This adventure is that of the whole team emisys for whom knowledge and life skills, indivisible elements, are the keys to success in the relationship with our customers.


One strategy

Our business model is based on a clear, qualitative and broadly distinctive strategy :

  • Specialisation with high-level positioning in the niche market of project governance
  • Innovation with a tailored offer that revolves around a technical approach to project management and an approach taking into account the human factor
  • Excellence, with an expert team made up of personalities coming from selective recruitment for the handling of complex projects
  • Values, shared by all employees, that are the foundations of a very active corporate culture of which we are all proud
  • Participative management, which brings efficiency, confidence and cohesion and that allows everyone to express their talents
  • Investment in our human resources with an HR policy based on support, training and internal promotion


The results

This strategy has been defined since the birth of emisys and 7 years later, with more than 50 customers, 120 employees and a national presence, the results are extremely positive and strengthen us on this path. Our objective is the satisfaction of our customers, of course, but also the development of our teams. Today, we are proud to be recognised as experts and being a reference in project management.


Our ambition

Our ambition is to continue our development in France and Europe, especially to support our customers in their transnational projects. As part of this development, our objective is to stay at human scale at the level of our various agencies. This choice is fundamental and it is motivated by two main objectives :

  • Close to customers; building effective partnerships with our customers by being the source of proposals and by offering support with high added value, which is tailor-made, flexible and reactive
  • Close to employees; being close to our teams, supporting them, making them evolve and setting up a real career path for everyone

Come to join the emisys adventure !


Renaud Chanard,

President and founder of Emisys

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