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Conseil en management de
projet & ingénierie

  • «Because the success of a project is through the synergy of a team»

  • «Because our expertise is through requirement without fault»

  • «Because our objective is your satisfaction»

emisys INSIDE

Parce que la réussite passe aussi par l'esprit d'entreprise 


Cabinet spécialisé en gestion de projet

We support our customers with a decidedly qualitative offer supported by an expert team which shares strong values and a and genuine corporate culture

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Les dernières offres

  • PMO F/H

    Pour un de nos clients, nous recherchons un(e) PMO.
  • Chargé d'affaires réglementaires F/H

    Pour un de nos partenaires nous recherchons plusieurs Chargé(e)s d'Affaires règlementaires.
  • Ingénieur automaticien (F/H)

    Dans le cadre de notre développement sur la région d’Aix-en-Provence, nous recherchons un(e) ingénieur(e) automaticien expert en contrôle commande avec de bonnes bases sur la distribution électrique pour rejoindre notre équipe et intervenir sur des projets d’installation et de maintenance d’équipements pour des clients du secteur maritime basés dans le…
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Les dernières actualités

  • 30 May 2016

    Remarkable entry of EMISYS in the ranking of Great Place to Work in 2016

    For its first participation in the competition for the label "Best Workplaces" in France for 2016, EMISYS has been ranked 18th…

  • " We clearly felt throughout the contract a real Emisys philosophy."


  • " Emisys has been able to set up new tools and innovative planning processes, with a real approach of support for change."


  • " Beyond the technical skills of the consultant and the innovative methods he has been able to set up, we particularly appreciated the human dimension of his profile."


  • "Emisys maintains very precise monitoring of missions in order to be sure that services delivered by consultants are in compliance in substance and format."


  • " It's a real time saver for us to be able to have a qualified person with all the support from Emisys, particularly for an expert mission project."


  • "I particularly appreciated the relationship with Emisys. Lots of support and assistance, and especially the performance of Nicolas who was completely invested in the project up to the final delivery. Bravo to all the Emisys team!!"


  • " I am proud to be a part of the Emisys adventure and to be a real player !"